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Directors: Lorraine O'Rourke & Monica Cooper

L & M Services . Monica & Lorraine at Funding Day

Additional Services Provided By L & M Well Being Consultancy CIC

We are delighted to introduce you to an exciting new service, Lorraine O'Rourke and Monica Cooper are offering. We are Directors of our Community Interest Company, which is called L & M Well Being Consultancy CIC. (Please view our Facebook page for more information.) www.facebook.com/L & M Well Being Consultancy CIC

Lorraine & Monica have worked for many years as Counsellors. We have always felt there has been a gap in services for people who struggle to engage 1-1 in a formal counselling setting. We therefore decided to offer 'bespoke' Music Therapeutic Groups, where we could use listening to music to help individuals access & express their emotions in a community setting. The programme promotes self-soothing & self-regulating strategies, making healthier relationships.

Our project will give individuals the tools to be able to pay attention to their emotions & be able to respond, rather than react when in difficult situations; thereby reducing confrontations.

We will develop 'bespoke' programmes to work with various groups within communities. Targeting vulnerable individuals where relationships have either broken down or are struggling to survive. This programme will help to build bridges in an informal way & take away formalities in which people struggle to engage. Individual programmes will usually run for 10 weeks.

Just listening to music can have therapeutic properties. It can help develop cognitive skills & encourages memory & attention & can foster increased communication & understanding. We have seen evidence of this from running the programme within a school setting.

During coronavirus, communities have never needed each other more & we have seen how we can all play our part. This is even a more vital time when this project will work. We are seeing angry, sad, destitute presentations as a result of covid. We see the transformation within our groups where communication develops & a sense of belonging & protectiveness of each other. A calmness too! (Been told by participants “I don’t punch walls anymore; I listen to music” is a significant positive outcome.)


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