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See example below of Workshop Taken Place in February 2020 for mainly Therapists:

Working with Anger - Aim:

To help participants work with anger in the room; to not dismiss it or ignore it, but to help the client find ways to communicate & be heard in a non-threatening way. An opportunity for participants to share their experiences of working with anger & a facilitated space to look at the different reactions & responses from the perspective of both sides (Clients & Participants). We role play scenarios & look at any related challenges & what those challenges might be?

Learning Outcomes:

Will support participants to:

1. Give the client tools to express their anger where anger might be part of a presenting issue.

2. Give participants tools to help facilitate space with their client.

3. Find ways of helping clients express their emotions in a non-threatening way.

Attendance at Critical Incidents / Delivery of Psychological First Aid:

We can facilitate critical incident debriefings (CIDs) & explain our role within it.

 Discuss your expectations & outcomes.

 “Talk Through the Facts & Reactions”

 Information Giving & Looking at Supports.


Psychological First Aid

This involves a listening supportive ear; paying attention to your immediate needs, whether it is from a practical perspective or from an emotional point of view.

We can facilitate a space to work together to navigate a way forward looking at how you can be protected from any further distress; we can support you in developing ways of coping & signpost you to other additional services & information that may help you further.

Exploration as to how you could connect with other social supports.



This would also be the focus within this service. Looking at what would help you de-stress at the end of the day; what would protect you from further distress or add to coping with "switching off" from current difficulties.

We would encourage you to try to pay attention to your own personal signs of stress. Be compassionate to self – remind yourself that:

 These are normal reactions to any extraordinary situation.

 Your reaction is not an indication that you are not capable, but that you need to pay attention to taking care of yourself.

 You can acknowledge & seek to tackle risks & sources of stress where possible, in collaboration with friends & colleagues.


 Demands may be extreme; try not to have extreme expectations of yourself if you are aware you are struggling.

 Manage the size of your work load. Learn to pay attention to your limits & maintain yourself with them for now, practising saying “I’m not able to do that right now” or “If I need to do that ‘right now’; I will only be able to do: A, but not B & C.” Or use the skill of delegating when you can.

 Take regular breaks when able to, even for short periods, as this will help you to be more productive in the long run. Get in the habit of not working unreasonable hours.

 Plan time away from work for relaxation & recreation for work-life balance; even whilst social distancing. Learn something new. Be creative; read; exercise – whatever appeals to you. Minimise alcohol, caffeine or nicotine & avoid non-prescription drugs. Eat healthy & stay hydrated.


 If working: consult peers routinely; carry out reflective practice & access supervision when needed.

 If you are new to your work, pair up with a colleague you are comfortable with & feel supported by.

 Seek out telephone or online contact with friends, loved ones or other people you trust for support.

 Whilst at home, attend to your connections with loved ones – pay attention to “switching off” & relaxing if able to.

 Take time to reflect on the valuing of your work & why YOU are doing it & how meaningful & important it is to YOU.

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